With shifu you can have the best helper for cleaning your house

To remove all dirt and debris that may be at home, such as hair, dust and everything that exists in the home, you must use a magnificent wet dry vac. These devices can be used in liquid spills or in dry material.

They are safe to use in any environment and provide a great versatility to perform everyday hygiene without complications. At shifu.com, you will see a wide variety of devices that will help you clean up better.

These wet dry vacuum cleaners were manufactured to absorb both dust and liquid. One of the best models is called Draper 06489, has a power level of vacuum and contains a tank to house 10 liters of dirt.

The best shop vac vacuum has a dozen accessories, which complement a large amount of cleaning work. It is the most varied tool that has the British company, Draper.

It is practical to carry anywhere and to keep it since it has a weight of 3.8 kg. It is one of the most economical vacuum cleaners in the British market, with an initial price of 73.94 pounds and can carry only 54.00 pounds, saving 19.94 pounds.

It offers a motor with a power of 1000W, with a cable of 3.5 meters long, for greater mobility it is one of the most practical and simple to use vacuum cleaners. One advantage is that it has washable filters, which can be reused many times.

One of the disadvantages that it presents is that when changing the mode from wet to dry, it is necessary to place the corresponding filter to use in each case. Although it is not complicated to replace them is something that should not be overlooked.

Taking into account all its characteristics of emptying water and vacuum is the best option for short budgets and with the most varied benefits. Its dimensions of 36.3 x 26.3 x 36 cm and its weight of almost 4 kg, make it very easy to handle.

Visiting our website https://www.shifu.com/best-wet-dry-vacuum/, you will see more details of this model and you can make the best decision for you.

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