What is greywater? Reuse its gray water and be part of the green community of the planet, install Greywater

Why should you use a Greywater system? There is more than one reason to install a Greywater system in your home. The first thing you should know is that they are gray water and why should you use Greywater?

what is greywater? Gray water is wastewater that comes from showers, sinks, washing machine and laundry, kitchen or dishwasher water is not included due to the possibility that they may contain high levels of grease or food residues that may clog the filters or the bomb.

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Reusing its gray water can help, among other things, to keep your garden prosperous during the summer drought, without irrigation restrictions, and not only can it provide constant water for your garden but with additional treatment it can also be used to wash toilets and even the clothes, saving you large amounts of money on your network water bill.

The reuse of gray water in a relatively inexpensive process that meets the water requirements of residential gardens in a sustainable manner, which can keep them green all summer without applying water restrictions, benefiting not only the owner but the entire neighborhood by offering gardens that contribute to the freshness and ecology of the environment.

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