No-Cost Cyber Security Practices

Cyber security is complicated, highly specialized subject that is best left to your Asperger-nerd from the living room fighting from the pimply-faced hacker sucking Mountain Dew in his mommy’s basement? It is a cat and mouse game that pits the snowy hats from the dark hats, the antivirus computer scientists from the hackers, right? It is certainly not the domain of the typical small business operator, right? Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

What if I told you that human error has been responsible for Info breaches in 2008 compared to hacking? What if I told you that hacking has been on the Identity Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) categorized list of information loss procedures? The truth is that cyber security program is a people problem initially and a tech problem next.
Much more emotion, Less Reliance I have come into some remarkable, if Not gloomy realization within my information technology career. Within the previous twenty decades of consulting, I have seen scores of customers in hundreds of centers and that I could easily count the amount of times I had ever given any kind of cyber protection orientation – precisely once. I have walked into propped-open doors of more manufacturing centers than you can shake a stick at, and more frequently than not waltzed up to some system control panel, hooked up my notebook, and began pounding away at the computer when grinning and waving at expecting operators I’d never before met in my entire life. The understanding is that; the great majority of organizations, big and small alike, is entirely oblivious to the weakest link in the safety series; individuals.
The misperception that cyber security is about Technology is a significant mistake that is created by both small and massive companies. Even the tiny companies often think that they’re not sophisticated enough to use their particular cyber security program and, therefore, either dismiss it entirely or just outsource it into an IT subcontractor. The big companies spend countless dollars on intrusion prevention systems, biometric security, along with other sophisticated technological countermeasures.

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