Marvel Contest of Champions Dodging Guide

I guessed I had put together a guide of how to if you’re able to dodge the personalities’ specials. Because the majority of us know, you cannot transcend an L3 (Red) nevertheless lots of the injury in an effective block might also be prevented from L1 & L2 — which makes a difference if you are playing with an opponent by means of a PI dual of yours in which the gathered block injury might kill you. Following is a run of contest of champions cheats and in the event that you can or cannot dodge them entirely or partially. The dashboard amounts will change where you are stood (duh) but derive out of being within striking distance of the enemy anytime they pull them.

L1: Head butt — Readily avoided, one of their much telegraphed Moves, only dashboard back will probably prevent. Easily induced from the contest. (Similar to Drax)
L2: Thunderclap — Difficult to prevent, needs a double dash back and perfect timing, will strike to a block outside of a single dashboard back.
Black Bolt
L1: Sonic Beam — Truly Hard to prevent demands at least a double dab back as a consequence of decreased angle of attack. (Similar to Vision)
L2: Corkscrew attack — Hard to prevent but possible, Takes a double dash; just one start and another midway throughout attack.
Dark Panther
L1: Kick, Kick, Kick — Easily avoided — only dashboard to start a different midway through the attack; search out for the past kick comes with a broad reach.
L2: Slash, Slash, Uppercut — Truly readily prevented, often one dashboard will prevent this completely.
Captain America
L1: Shield slam and Cease — Readily avoided, single dashboard back
L2: Shield punch and toss: Easy to prevent, solitary Dashboard — obstruct however shield will hit regardless of distance back. (50% Nominal)
Captain Marvel
L1: Jump Beam — readily avoided — only dashboard back.
L2: High Kick — readily prevented — double dash back again.

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