Capture the image of your monitor as screenshot windows 10 and simply paste it where you need it

Windows 10, made available to its users four simple and especially fast ways to capture the images of what they have on their monitors at a certain time, such as a screenshot windows 10.

The first is the one we have known for years, which we obtain by using the ImpPnt key. In this way, the image is stored in the clipboard and with just press control + v, we can use it the way we want.

The second screen capture option in Windows 10 is achieved through the combination of two keys, Windows and ImpPnt. In this way, the system proceeds to save directly the screen image captured on the computer, and it will also be enough to copy it in order to share it or file it as a record of a task that we are doing or of some information that is updated daily.

The third and sure used by those who always have several windows open and that at a certain moment require a windows 10 screenshot, is to press the combination of the Alt and ImpPnt keys, which will be copied the image of the window that at that time have marked or that is ahead of the others, preventing all screenshot windows appear and have to proceed with the editing to eliminate what they do not want to share.

The fourth option allows the possibility of capturing the screen of a video game. This will become the favorite of the players, they will surely want to know how to take a screenshot on windows 10 when playing, to obtain it will only be necessary to use three keys simultaneously Alt + Windows + ImpPnt.

There is an additional option for those who take screenshots are a necessity, for those who use them for everything. It’s Snagit, which allows you to draw and annotate in the screenshot, take videos and capture complete websites. The good news is that you can try it for free. Try it and if you find what you had dreamed, get it with a small investment.

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